MEDINA – Sparkling mead does not contain even a drop of wine. It is a combination of the top quality Slovenian honey with geographical indication and water, which both together with the help of yeast and technology of the traditional method make the high-quality beverage for festive occasions. Medina is very similar to classical sparkling wines yet incomparable and different. Sparkling meads can also be dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, and sweet, and are completely nuanced by various honey aromas. Close
Only top-quality Slovenian honey with geographic indication is used for the making of MEDINA – Sparkling mead. Through fermentation it is made into the classical honey wine or mead. If it corresponds to all our demands it is filled into champagne bottles and added yeast. After a long-lasting secondary fermentation and careful grooming, which lasts at least two years, the finishing procedure determines only the final taste of our Medina. It contains over 9.5 vol % alcohol and over 3 bar of pressure, its sugar contents is usually between 30 and 55 g/l. After the performed analysis it is added an original and elegant label which makes Medina ready for you and your pleasure! Close
The sparkling mead is, according to data known to us, a product that was first made by the Slovenian beekeepers. The classic mead (honey wine) that was known to our ancestors was enriched with tiny bubbles which are the result of the secondary fermentation according to the procedure of the traditional méthode champenoise. Our beekeepers are so successful that we have been receiving Gold medals in the last few years at the national assessment. We are also very proud of the Gold certificate received at the international assessment of honey beverages in 2010. We are especially proud of the fact that at the national assessment of 2013 our MEDINA – Sparkling mead was chosen as the best in Slovenia. We received the Gold certificate for it and the title CHAMPION 2013! Close